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Elliptic Works

EllipticElliptic Works formed in 2015 to develop innovative technologies primarily for the Pool and Spa Industry. Our initial research resulted in the development of a unique pool return, the E-Jet, that was first introduced to market in 2017.

Elliptic Works has been conducting high-impact research activities to evaluate the potential of Underwater VLC for sensors, lights, pumps, robots, and other submerged pool devices, to introduce the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud services to the pool industry.

Introducing our patented wireless connectivity between underwater devices will enable a new type of digital pools, providing efficient, scalable and profitable business to the pool industry.

Our current research and development includes, in addition to the Underwater VLC network, smart pool devices that harvest energy through thermal, piezo and similar generators, motion, and other means with the intent of providing power sources for the next set of VLC class products, that are independent of hardened installation, all of this incorporating into cloud based systems utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to substantially improve water quality, lower service resource costs, and increase the health of the environment.

Currently, Elliptic Works offers cutting edge designs with our E-Jet pool jet fittings and are working diligently to bring our Underwater VLC technology to market.