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Underwater Visible Light Communication (VLC)

Digital underwater communications, patented, no wires, reliable, safe, low power, space efficient

Visible Light Communication (VLC)

Introducing wireless connectivity between underwater devices that will enable a new type of digital pools

We are starting with the US market by releasing a new generation of products and services in 2023 called Bumblebee and Elliptic Einstein!

Underwater Internet

The internet has expanded markets and solutions everywhere it has traveled. Now, it is time for the Pool and Spa industry. Elliptic Works conducted a high-impact research activity to evaluate the potential of Underwater VLC for sensors, lights, pumps, robots, and other submerged pool devices. The grand challenge addressed by Elliptic Works is to introduce the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud services to the pool industry.

VLC Connectivity

Elliptic Works’ VLC simplifies, improves, and expands every owner’s pool experience, and will be every pool service company’s best business partner. Imagine a completely integrated, intuitive swimming pool that requires less maintenance, is healthier and cleaner and becomes a larger enduring part of an owner’s recreation, entertainment, and life.

Elliptic Works’ Underwater VLC operates where other technologies simply cannot. Radio Frequency typically will only operate a less than a fraction of a meter, and sound is easy to block and requires unsafe levels of energy. VLC is the only way!

Smart Pools

The smart pool system is rapidly coming, and it is powered by Elliptic Works.

Elliptic Works’ VLC-enabled products and services will focus on:

    • People (pool safety and water quality)
    • Health (chemistry and pool maintenance)
    • Environment (contaminants, environmental conditions, cleanliness)
    • Entertainment and Fitness (media integration, games, toys, workout)